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Welcome to CHK Foundation

We are an independent grant making foundation.
We currently support charities that are working with young people at risk.

In line with our 5 year plan to 2024, the financial support offered by CHK Foundation is currently targeted to improve the lives and prospects of young people aged 11-24 who are “at risk”.


CHK Foundation is an independent grant making charitable foundation. We fund  registered charities across the UK and target our support in line with our 5 year plan.


CHK Foundation is a family foundation set up as a charitable trust in the 1970’s.  The majority of the Trustees are descendants of the founder, Sir Cyril Hugh Kleinwort (1905-1980).


From 2019 to 2024, the Trustees will focus support to assist 25-30 charities a year.  The funded charities will be working throughout the UK in a targeted way to improve the lives and prospects of young people aged between 11 and 24 who are “at risk” as a result of:

  • involvement in the criminal justice system
  • addictions
  • leaving the care system

CHK Foundation undertakes its own research to determine the charities it wishes to consider for funding and will make direct contact to begin discussions about opportunities. CHK Foundation aims to fund both preventative and direct support.

Charities working to improve the lives and prospects of young people at risk from the factors listed above can alert CHK Foundation to their work by sending a brief email to admin@chkfoundation.org.uk. However, applications for funding are not invited. Please note that the CHK Foundation Trustees regret it is not possible to acknowledge or send a reply to those that make contact.